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Week 1 Quiz

Week 1 Quiz

Q 1. Which of the following are correctly formatted citations 2. What is wrong with this reference: Magee, Elaine. (n.d.). How food affects your moods. WebMD. Retrieved from 3. Erica is writing her discussion board post for this week. After writing her whole post, she realizes that she forgot to put in the in-text citations. She knows that she used all three of the required resources but she can’t remember what information came from which source so she just puts the in-text citations for the three different sources at the end of three different, random paragraphs. This is, 4. Michael is writing a response to his classmate on the discussion board. He copies and pastes some material from textbook into his response and he put an in-text citation immediately after it. He meant to put the material from the textbook in quotation marks but he forgot. He remembered to include the reference for the textbook, though. This is 5. Submitting material that you find online, like a paper, discussion board post, or answer for a quiz, is

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1. (Wood, 1993) 2. The author’s first name should not be there, only her first initial should be included. 3. improper citation 4.plagiarism because without quotation marks Michael is indicating that all of the words in the response are his when he has used the textbook author’s words. 5. plagiarism and not acceptable