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Mid Semester Group Rating

Mid Semester Group Rating

Q Please answer the following questions about your group work and each group member. This can be positive feedback as well as constructive tips to improve work within your group. Your Name: Group Name: For each group member Group member name: Group member role: What is this group member doing well so far: What could be improved for the remainder of the semester: How much has this group member participated/ contributed to the group project: Self-Appraisal What is my assigned role in the group: What am I doing well so far, and how will I continue doing a good job in these areas: What do I pledge to improve during the second half of the semester: PreviousNext

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Abby Role? Co-researcher What is the group member doing well? Abby sets up the Zoom meetings and is always willing to turn in assignments for the group. What could be improved? Nothing, Abby is always engaged and helpful. Participation? Abby has been in every meeting and has done everything she said she would do.