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Happiness Theories - Group 6

Happiness Theories - Group 6

Q Original Post (2 points): Due Thursday before midnight Each group member should post an idea for a study of happiness. These can be based on one of the five theories of happiness in the Diener & Oishi (2005) review article. • Make sure to briefly address: o the theory (which can come from the review article if you choose to use it) o your operationalization of constructs o your hypothesis o a potential method of data collection o a general plan for analyzing the data in order to test your hypothesis (e.g., t-tests? correlations?) Group Vote by Sunday, before midnight Use the “like” function to vote for your favorite study idea in your group’s Happiness Theories board. (It’s okay to vote for your own study.)

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This happiness study will be focusing on how happy college students are in their school experience. It will be based on the theory of Bradburn, “Close Social Relationships are Essential to Well-Being.” This theory explains how having close social relationships with others are needed to be truly happy. “Although laypeople probably understand that close friends and family are correlated with happiness, they may not realize that they are necessary for happiness, as well as for health and optimal cognitive functioning” (Diener & Oishi, 2005).