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Final Poster Plan

Final Poster Plan

Q After having a group discussion to plan how you will complete your final poster, as a group submit a document with your group's plan here. Think about who will be responsible for creating and presenting each part of the poster. The plan is due by midnight on Sunday. PreviousNext

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Brief overview of Plan: Our group chose to follow a similar structure as the example provided on the “Impact of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Quality of Life in Men with Stage IV Prostate Cancer.” This poster presented the research study in a concise manner. The information provided includes background, hypotheses, methods & procedures, results, conclusion & future directions, references, and acknowledgements. We will divide each of these main topics amongst us in order to ensure complete participation. Background- Abby Jewett The background portion of our poster will define key concepts needed to fully understand the results and purpose of our study. This will include our definitions of Happiness, social success, etc. We will also include key information from our references that assist our hypothesis as well as our research question. Summarized and presented by Abby.